A slow start in my new plan


I thought I would hit the ground running since I was so excited to get started on finishing this novel. Unfortunately, other forces beyond my sub-par human powers took my brain hostage for the first couple days in August.

I had counted on being completely done with post-work matters and getting things settled for the Fall semester of school. August 1st had me running around town for errands and back at home on the couch filling out forms, making phone calls and doing work that was just so irritating it drained almost every last ounce of energy to write. I did write though. I sat with my laptop on July 31st around 11:30pm to wait that moment when I can officially begin participating in NaNoWriMo, though I didn’t actually begin writing until about 12:30am, I at least got some words onto the document and called it good for the night.

Here I am trying to catch up because I didn’t bother to write on day 2. All I have to give are excuses but now that I’m a day’s word count behind I know I can’t focus on why I didn’t write. I just need to write. That was the whole plan!

I’ve finally reached another pivotal point in my novel! I love when I finally hit the scenes I’ve been looking forward to. Those scenes are like little milestones for me and then I think I only have two more huge points to make and I’m done! (In reality… I may have two big moments left, but I’ll fill in the gaps with about 5,000 words. 5,000 words is a lot.) This particular scene is delicate and although during a NaNo session it’s quantity over quality, I’m being a little more picky than usual. I don’t know why, emotional scenes do that to me though.

So, tl;dr? Slow start! Moving forward.

I also realize that I’ll be using a lot of National Novel Writing Month terminology, so I have added a page dedicated to terms you might see pop up if you are not familiar with the event. I may give a brief definition in my posts but if I don’t, please refer to that page. You can click here! Thanks everyone!

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