Through the fire and flames


Did you recognize that my post title is a song by DragonForce? I hope you did! Because it’s a good song! Anyway, I was listening to it earlier while running. (I’m not the type of runner that most people may think of, especially now that the Olympics are going on. I am not an Olympian, just a girl in her mid-20’s trying to be in shape.) When I really need a fast song to keep me going just that last little bit so I can finish my run proudly, I’ll usually find this song on my playlist. Not only is it hard, fast and loud to help me keep my energy up but it’s a song that’s about going through hardships and just fighting on. (This is my interpretation, if you wish to discuss, please don’t do it in my comments.)

Okay, so I’m not carrying a sword and shield into an epic battle as the song suggests, but I can relate to the message of having to just push forward. To do what I have to in order to be victorious in my goals. This is a great inspirational song for running and I also have it on my writing playlist.

The first full week of August’s NaNo is ending and tonight was really the first night I felt truly excited while writing. Remember my post about having a slow start due to outside factors in my life? Those factors really brought me down  for a while but I’ve been on a serious climb the last couple of days. I’m not sure what it was exactly that brought me out of my funk but I felt it hit me tonight. Before I was only motivated to finish this novel because I said I should be motivated. Tonight, as I pushed through the first few hundred words of writing, I started to think ahead on later scenes that haven’t happened yet. I began to excitedly anticipate those scenes and then I realized I was enthusiastically! I pumped out the necessary amount of words I needed to for the night (plus more) and then went onto a blank word document to get out some notes of later events to come!

My characters have come to life again and they’re expressing themselves in ways I haven’t seen since… I don’t remember when, probably the beginning of the novel when I had that “fresh start rush”. This feeling is really nice and I’ve missed it dearly!

So what’s your point?

Okay, okay! My point is this: I knew that I could hit a lull in my writing. I would sit down just because I knew I should write and I needed to get some words written or else I’d fall severely behind and possibly not reach that 50,000 word goal by the end of the month. I persevered. Because of my perseverance I was able to help myself out of that dull spell and dive into being excited to finish this novel! When I originally started this blog I was definitely excited about my plan. But that was the thing. The idea of finishing the novel and then pursuing something huge after that was what thrilled me. The actual work of sitting down, sighing and then putting some words onto the document made me wrinkle my nose sometimes. I’m a procrastinator by nature but some nights this last week I wouldn’t get myself to write until about 11pm, leaving myself so little time to write enough words before I got too tired to type anymore.

A friend told me today that he wished he had the motivation I do for writing, for any one thing in his life. Other friends have told me the same thing! Even writer friends have told me I have the drive they wish they had. I’m not bragging here, the truth is that writing is the only thing in my life I have enough passion for to keep up with motivation. Even then I have to push myself so hard sometimes that it’s a battle to even think about my story, let alone write what these stupid characters are doing. I have to remind myself that I do love writing. I love creating a completely different world from my own and having my original characters live out their lives in that world. Really, if you think about it, they’re telling me the story.

Tabby, you went off on a tangent!

Oh crap, I did ramble on didn’t I? Oops! Well, I wanted to update while I was feeling excited and anxious to continue writing. If I waited until tomorrow then I might not feel exactly the same way so here I am! Unfortunately, when I’m happy and in la-la-land I tend to go on and on without really organizing my thoughts. Sorry folks! At least this post was miles away emotion and motivation wise from my downer “slow start” post back there. Pfffft on that downer post! Boo! 😀 See you soon, with hopefully lots more progress to discuss!

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