The downhill ride


I still have just over 7,000 words to write until the 50k finish line in 3 short days, so I might be making the winning declaration prematurely…but I don’t care! I am so excited to be where I’m at in my novel right now! I honestly believe I haven’t felt this amazing and happy with my work since my first NaNoWriMo event in 2009.

In my last post I was stuck because I couldn’t find a way to move forward through a difficult and delicate scene. I took the advice of skipping over it for now, begrudgingly. That move put me out of my comfortable box and made me feel like a bad writer at first. Although, after typing and typing and typing some more, further away from that troublesome scene, I became less worried about it. I was able to get back into my flow and allow myself to move on.

Obviously I need to return to that particular pivotal scene but after August’s Camp NaNo, when I can get back into it at my own pace and use as much time as I need. Really, it’s maybe 500 words worth of material but that small amount of words nearly crippled me and made me consider giving up the rest of this month’s NaNo challenge. So, I want to thank all of you (not just the commenters on my blog but EVERYONE!) who gave me advice and helped to get me over that jagged rock hill-turned-mountain.

The silver lining here is that now my story is progressing in a way that it’s nearly writing itself. I have been waiting so (im)patiently for this moment all summer! A few minor details have changed but I’m thankful for that because it means I’m less strict about the little trivial bits and have given my novel the room it needs to wiggle without losing track of the main plot structure. (I promise that one of these days I’ll actually reveal what this novel is about rather than being extremely vague…)

My issue now? I had to make myself stop writing tonight because it’s almost midnight and I am trying to get myself on a decent sleep schedule. Fall semester classes just started up for me this past Monday and I can’t afford to slip in the first week. So, I’m hoping to keep this momentum going tomorrow when I return to my novel. I’m sure I’ll be able to sit down and write without worrying myself but I want the excitement I’m feeling right now to be there still! I broke a personal record (mind you I’m already a not-so-fast typist): 733 words in fifteen minutes! Woo-hoo! I think my last highest count was ~650 words.

Update on when I might finish the novel. I don’t think…..I know it won’t be done after the additional 50,000 words added by the end of this month. I had estimated that I could finished the story within that word count but considering I still have another major plot point to explain and then lead into the final scene I might be another 10,000 words away. September 1st marks the start of a short break for me and I hope to be done by October. Keeping the momentum going will be the hard part so that’s another reason I want this enthusiasm to hang around for a while.

7,482 words left to write. Let’s hope it’s all downhill from here!

This is what I see when I log into my profile. That arrow is so close to the 50k mark!

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