Health and writing ailments


Obviously the lack of posts is directly related to the busyness in my life. I wrote maybe two or three times last month and didn’t reach my goal of finishing my novel before October. I did realize I’m a lot closer to finishing than I originally thought. Unfortunately I’m stuck at a slow transition and can’t quite figure out how to link it all to the ending.

Onto the title of this post. Since classes started back up, I have been having some trouble motivating myself to stay on top of homework, studying, writing and exercise. I was more fatigued than usual and I thought it was just me struggling to adjust to the new schedule and class work load. But even my workouts didn’t get any easier and eventually I had to stop telling myself that it was just be being exhausted mentally, which was hindering me physically. Fed up with my body not responding to exercise and overall motivation for everyday tasks, I finally went to the doctor. Blood work showed that I have hypothyroidism (an under-active thyroid). Apparently some anti-bodies were born and decided to attack my thyroid…scumbags… Well, I have medication now and with my pills and me trying to keep myself in a lighter attitude I’ve been feeling better!

Now onto the writing ailment. I’ve been trying to work my way around this slow scene, thinking “outside the box”. Quick briefing: my male protagonist was wrongfully arrested and during his imprisonment the outside work is in the beginnings of a resistance. So, with him no longer arrested, I found myself just focusing on dialogue. One character simply explaining what was going on. I was so bored! Bleh, no one wants to read that! So I started in on some research to make this link more interesting, even without immediate fast-paced action.

Things I realized I need to focus on:

  • If the reader is led to believe there’s going to be a resistance, then where’s the evidence?
    • Riots, absence of people on the streets, smashed windows of businesses, etc… Duh!
  • Focus on my character’s inner conflict and feelings! Obvious right? But for some reason it wasn’t obvious to me right away, I was all about “info dumping”
    • His main objective is to find my female lead character
    • He should be anxious, distracted, snippy to the obstacles in his way of finding her
  • I have other characters on the scene! I’ve recently come to realize I’m afraid of fleshing out secondary characters! (I plan to make another blog post about this)
    • They seem to be bland and fully accepting of the turmoil happening
    • I’ve been digging into character traits on The Bookshelf Muse to educate myself that characters can be different! They’re allowed to act differently to situations
      • Especially situations with high tension and pending danger! (Think Tabby, think!!)

I think that with me healing myself physically, it’s brought back some motivation to get excited about this novel again. I’m also a bit burned out. Writing one hundred thousand words in two months was a huge task and after 30 days of straight writing I usually take a nice month long break before diving back in. I understand this of myself, which is I allowed myself to knock “writing” down a few spots on my priority list. Yes, school is important! However, I know I can manage my time much better than this. I wasn’t doing a good job of making myself sit down and attempt to write. Simply starting the task usually got me into the mood; the starting part was where I slacked.

I still want to finish this novel before November! My muse is starting to battle with National Novel Writing Month just days away now! Don’t get me wrong, I am soooo so so excited to get started on a new novel and I’m not neglecting brainstorming there. I need to make sure I’m not ignoring my current novel. But, I think the spirit of NaNo is lifting me up too and giving me courage to finish in time.

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