Resolution time–don’t dwell on 2012


NY2013First thing’s first: Happy New Year!
I thought about doing my year in review, but that would make for a very lengthy post, and my posts are already on the “too long; didn’t read” side. So let me start by saying that I did accomplish some things in 2012. However, while I did do much more writing than usual, I don’t feel like I did much that’s worth while. So this is what I’ve resolved to do, in light of my realization…

Resolution time, you all knew it was coming

  • Update this blog just a bit more often.
  • Have the story read and ready for editing with notes by the end of the month.
  • Have the whole story edited by June 1st.
    • Along with goals to be done by June 1st, I shall be down another 20 lbs. 🙂
  • In the second half of 2013, take the necessary steps in communicating with publishers.
  • Hold onto the courage I’ll need in order to accomplish this daunting task.

The daunting task…
Nearly 170,000 words are waiting to be reviewed by me, the author. They say “we are our own worst critic”. I can very harsh on myself. I know that my ideas are good and fully capable of being accepted as publishable. The hard work of developing those ideas into the story I see fit–into the story that’s meant for the audience I envision–is what’s daunting. My biggest fear is that publishers and readers won’t see or feel what I do when in the writing process. I hope I have enough skill to be able to mold this monster draft into a mature, compelling novel that is capable of suspending anybody’s disbelief!

One word at a time

I did end up editing/re-writing the first chapter for one of my classes in Spring 2012. The class (I have mentioned before) was a fiction writing workshop. My peers read and critiqued my chapter and gave me thought provoking feedback in order to improve. After working diligently and using the new essential suggests and questions given to me, I rewrote the first chapter. In two weeks I created something that was almost a different story! I took out some fluff, added more sensory content, and wrote an additional 5,000 words over all. On the reread of this new creation I could hardly believe that the language was my own! The story already had much more life. That one chapter rewrite gave me confidence that I am able to write with substance that might compare to some well-received published authors today. I know I just need to hold off from diving into the huge pile. I need to take a step back and go for it one word at a time.

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