Another resolution, though not writing related


I’ve never blogged about my weight loss goals before. I figured “why the heck not?” I’ll add a bit more about myself and another goal I have in mind for 2013.

The Resolution
The ever-so popular “I’m going to lose weight this year!” resolution is once again on my list! I feel confident in reaching my goal this year though, much more than my previous weight loss resolutions. Since 2009 (i.e. the year I got married) I have lost 30 pounds. The reality check for me was that I was the heaviest I’ve ever been on my wedding day! Jeez…

I previously lost weight by training for a 5k race, it was the River Bank Run here in Grand Rapids. I lost a good chunk just from that and after I decided to sign up for Weight Watchers, which helped me lose the rest of the 30lbs.

The plan
Diet: I will continue to use Weight Watchers, but diligently this time. I am paying for the service and I know it works (when I use it!) so I will be sure to log my food/drink intake every single day.

I have allowed myself one cheat day a week. By cheat day I really mean either a cheat meal, or a super-rich dessert, or a specialty coffee or something I wouldn’t normally eat/drink as it would put me over my points for Weight Watchers. I have been told by several specialists and fitness trainers (from my gym) that this is a good way to go about losing weight because not only will it keep me sane, the “bad food” will help my body from plateauing.

Exercise: After my 5k successes (I have done two so far), I assumed running was the best way for me to lose weight. So, on this assumption, I tried to force myself to hit the gym three to four days a week to run on the treadmill. This became so boring very quickly and I soon lost my motivation.

I have decided to take advantage of the free—for members—classes at my gym! I have been to several already and I noticed that I push myself so much more in those classes than I have ever when I’m on my own. So this is my schedule:

Mon: BodyCombat (Les Mills)
Tue: BodyPump (Les Mills)
Wed: Break day!
Thu: BodyCombat (Les Mills)
Fri: Free workout day
Sat & Sun: Break days!

The body combat classes burn so many calories per 60 minute session! This will be a great cardio workout twice a week! In body pump I will be using weights to tone my body for 60 minutes while working up a major sweat. The free day is just whatever I want to do; I’ve been working the elliptical as of lately. I don’t have class (college) on Fridays and I want another day of burning calories so it might be a less intense workout but I want a reason to make sure my weekend isn’t full of being too lazy and eating terribly. I have tried working out on Saturdays and Sundays and I am the least motivated to exercise on the weekends. So, I won’t this time around. 🙂

With having these classes set into my schedule I am more likely to go because it means I don’t have to think about the routine because I’m following the instructor, who does the thinking for me. The classes are in a specific time block so I can’t put off my workouts like I usually would. I also work harder because i don’t want to be that one person who goes to class but doesn’t try hard. I mean… other people are watching!

So this year I have a good plan to stick to that I feel is not too strict! As long as I stick to the plan I set for myself I am very confident I will be able to lose another 18-20 pounds by June!

6 thoughts on “Another resolution, though not writing related

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