Music that awakens the beast


Hello hello~

As of late I found myself dragging my bum butt to the computer to edit. I’ve always found writing and other writing related activities to be liberating, so why am I being so stubborn when it comes to editing the novel I want to be published someday? Well, your guess is as good as mine. My only reasoning is that I dislike hard work. (Shame shame, shame on me!) But! Something has started that fire again! That drive to delve into my plot and character’s lives. If you read the title of this post, then you know where I’m going with this…

Music! Makes the people come toge–
Okay, I won’t go there, but… yes music is the key here!

When I decided to ditch my old media player (Zune) and download an old favorite (Winamp) I dove right into organizing my music. Naturally, while transferring files into my new library, I listened to some music that I haven’t touched in a while. [note] When I write I always have something playing in the background. [/note] So I began to feel the way I did when creating stories with these particular songs in the backdrop. My heart ached for recreating those feelings; I jumped right into my editing again, and was thrilled to do so.

The magnificent turn of events
I had not expected to come out of the day’s editing with a new flood of ideas, and especially for a novel with a completed rough draft. I now have brand new notes of changes I’m excited to make in my first rewrite! What’s super-duper awesome about this is that these changes eliminate a plot point that I’ve hated since day one, but I left it there just because I knew I could fix it later. I would not have this new slew of ideas without rereading my draft; I would not be rereading this draft if not for revisiting some writing-nostalgic music.

One thought on “Music that awakens the beast

  1. Nice, I am definitely one to write better with music! There are only a very select few songs that I can do with lyrics, however. What are the songs you listen to? I mostly stick to classical and movie-themed music haha.

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