The Sampler — Taking small steps towards publication


With the new semester now underway, I’m feeling that nostalgic feeling of what fall brings: writing energy! Two of my classes this fall involve create writing–nonfiction and poetry. One of the final steps in my nonfiction class is that each student will be submitting a revised and polished piece of work for publication! I think I am the only one who’s not scared to near tears about this, haha. I saw the deer-in-headlights-look on my classmates faces. Now I actually feel more motivated to get my act together!

The Sampler
The Sampler is my college’s literary and art annual publication. Realistically, I should have been submitting something every year; alas, my nerves and inner-critic got the better of me. However, that’s not stopping me this year. The deadline is Feb. 8 and I am able to submit three pieces of work. I am planning on submitting…you got it!…three pieces of work!

Not only will this give me mental preparation (on a smaller scale) when I am ready for the search of an agent, this will force me to keep working in my field and gain better practices.

Whether or not anything I submit is published in The Sampler between now and when I graduate, this will still be a great experience for me! On the very positive side, if I am able to become published, this can only help me in the end!



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