Gearing up for NaNoWriMo!


At the beginning of the month I was hardly excited about NaNo creeping up. Maybe it’s the fall air but my muse slapped me across the face and gave me a brand new plot bunny. 

Plot briefing
(From one of my own posts on the nano-forums. Copy/pasting was easier.)
I am tackling a fantasy/adventure novel with medieval themes this year. Color me somewhat inspired from having just finished A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. My main character is a princess who’s to take over the throne on her birthday, but, in an act of mutiny, she’s labeled a usurper and thus exiled. It will be a loaded story, but I know I have plenty of material for 50k!

This November
I’m crazy! School is a full load this semester and I’m going to attempt at regular YouTube channel updates; I should think I’m nuts-o for taking on National Novel Writing Month again. Well…I should think this,

but I’ve ready dusted off my seat in the 2013 winner’s circle. I will win–five years running.

What I look forward to:
Seeing my fellow Wrimos
Word wars
A BIggby coffee overdose
Stupid a** antics at write-ins
Mentoring and encouraging others
Fighting for my work space when a cat decides to occupy my lap or keyboard
Oh, yes, writing too

For now…
I am happily plotting out this story! 


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