National Novel Writing Month has begun!



Yes, yes! It once again time for 1,667 words a day, lots of coffee, late nights, and for pushing off homework–I won’t do that this year, I won’t!

On top of the usual November busy-ness, I’ll also be trying to keep up on my YouTube channel! (Self-promotion RIGHT HERE! <– Click, go ahead! It’s a gaming channel!) And yes, trying to update on this here blog.

So far I only have 805 words, but I was up until midnight to write these words. I am proud of these words! I feel like I’m already off to a good start.

This year’s novel
is fantasy! It’s on a more medieval path though. Here’s my synopsis:

The Tragic Princess follows Ren, a young, tom-boy princess who is preparing to take the throne in place of her late royal father and mother. Before she holds the crown, however, an ugly rumor surfaces that her family does not actually descend from royalty and thus she is labeled a usurper and sentenced to execution. In her final moments she’s thankfully rescued by her mentor and he escorts her outside the castle where she escapes…and starts the journey to find the truth about her bloodline.

With that, I shall leave you with a NaNoWriMo music video! (Not made by me.) Please be sure to leave her a nice comment for creating such a fun and fantastic video!

“The NaNoWriMo Song – Updated” by: Kristina Horner


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