The Purr-fect Spot: Cafe to Open in Grand Rapids


The Saint

Story by Abigale Racine

We have delightful, ground-breaking news for cat-enthusiasts, the Happy Cat Cafe is set to open in the Grand Rapids area this upcoming fall.

Wait, what? What does this en-tail? Don’t get hairy, but in a press release, it is described as, “mix of a coffeehouse and a animal shelter. The cafe fosters cats from local shelters that live free-roaming in the cafe. Patrons can buy specialty coffee and pastry while renting time in the cat space to enjoy the happy cats’ company. They can even adopt one of the cats and bring it home.”

Is this heaven on earth? I do think it is. The two greatest loves of my love are being combined under one roof: espresso and cats. Considering that there is a humanitarian element involved makes everything better.

The Happy Cat Cafe’s intent is to build a strong sense of community, while taking…

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