About the Blog

Who is this chick and why should I read another blog about writing?

Well, I can promise you I’m not here to tell you how to write, or that your way of writing is wrong and I have ALL the knowledge! This is actually for me, if I gain some followers then that is just fantastic! This blog isn’t about writing, technically, it’s about me taking the reigns on a rare opportunity and my attempt to become a published author. I can’t wait to learn some valuable lessons and skills along the way, and I can’t wait to grow stronger as a creative fictional writer.

Who am I?

Somewhat lengthy version: A chapter in my life is ending. I was recently informed that the job I’ve been at for two years is going to be eliminated at the end of July. After spending a couple of days freaking out over my situation, I decided (with the encouragement of loved ones) that even though losing a job does truly suck, I should take advantage of this huge change! It’s time to take my passion in writing seriously. If I want to go after my dream of being published then I need to use this as my opportunity.

Tl;dr version: My name is Tabby and I’m an aspiring writer.

My plan of action

I’m currently back in school (at 26 years old) finishing up my Bachelor’s degree, gunning for a major in English (naturally) and double-minoring in creative writing and Japanese. 私はたくさん日本語を勉強しています!School is my main focus for the next two semesters. I’m not dismissing work completely but, luckily, my husband and I are in a position where we do not need my income.

My goal is to finish this novel by November so that I can participate in National Novel Writing Month. After Fall exams, I’ll start in on editing this novel and then I take a ultimate plunge and send it out to publishers. This is the part where I bite my nails and try to soothe my forever hot nerves until I hear a response, positive or negative.

I intend to utilize this blog to “chronicle my journey” (I could think of a better metaphor, sorry, but you’re already over it). This will be a very difficult road, I’m sure! I also am positive that at this moment I have no idea how tough this will be, but I need to push myself. I just want to share my progress and if I find any fun and useful information along the way I will post that here too! Why shouldn’t I share helpful tips? Anyway, thanks for reading this “about” page.

For more, specific information about my plan, please see my first post: here